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I was a jerk – but my hair was in a safe trap, I could not move his own head an inch to the side.

At other times, I’m sure, would suit Jack dressing in such a humiliating treatment to me – but now I myself wanted this term.

The camera should be focused a little more tightly on her than it is, we don't need to see the bed and surrounding furniture, that's the only thing I can think of to improve on an otherwise OUTSTANDING job.

More girls should do it just like she does instead of faking moans, try to "hold them in" so only the REAL ones "escape", (like "Peaches) this is WAY underrated at 4.08 it should and probably will be higher. I wish more girls would feel comfortable about masturbating in front of their bf.

I had so many that wouldnt do it in front of me, yet I knew that they did it. love all the other comments, well nearly all,this woman is truly beautiful proportions perfect,doing what she does naturally,i absolutely loved this.

Most girls do, Im sure, and they just dont want to admit it. as for martha's comments, play your room mate at her own game,switch on at exactly the same time she does,and try to' out come' her then turn over and start snoring out loud .she'll soon stop xxxxxx Beautiful!

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