Dataadapter not updating database

Command Text = "UPDATE Customer\r\n SET Cust Name = ? Update Command = Db Update Command1; Hello, Ichibang. Take a look, maybe this can help you to solve yours: Problem updating Database using typed dataset P. Net Developer's Handbook written by Mueller, Chapter 11, OLEDB example. It seems that the application too can't make changes to the database. Issit because of my MS Access 2007 that uses Microsoft. I started to think that by manually change data like doesn't make the Data Adapter.

2) With respect to a dataset how can I get at the value of a specific Row/Column? Ron Sql Connection cn Production SQL = new Sql Connection("Data Source=SQLSVR01; Integrated Security=SSPI; Initial Catalog=Master"); cn Production SQL.Fill(ds Production,"Companies"); String str Development SQL = "SELECT * FROM [Global].[dbo].[Companies] WHERE Company ID ='" str SQLDest Database "'"; Sql Data Adapter da Development = new Sql Data Adapter(str Development SQL, cn Development SQL); Data Set ds Development = new Data Set(); da Development. If you call the Get Changes method on the second Data Set, I bet you'll find you get an empty Data Table in it.Fill(ds Development,"Companies"); if (ds Production. Peter -- Co-founder, developer portal: Blog: wrote: Hi, I have a situation in where i have two instances of SQL server, the first is our Production Environment, the second is our Development environment.An application can call the Get Changes method in situations where you must control the sequence of statement types (for example, INSERT before UPDATE).For more information, see Updating Data Sources with Data Adapters.

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