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(Smith didn't specify how much a subscription would cost but said Loveflutter is testing prices.) If you want to roll around in the muck with the hoi polloi, then it's free, you filthy pig.Of course, this new feature is, potentially, pretty icky: If you live in a city where many of the verified users are from one industry (say, entertainment in LA or media in NYC), then there's a good chance the dating app will show you lots of people you might, well, know.The verified-only feature will be enabled in just five cities – London, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Tokyo – but not until at least 1,000 eligible users have signed up in each place.

Ever want to date someone based on shared interests, goals, or Twitter block lists? The dating app Loveflutter recently rolled out a premium version of its service called Blue, aimed at Twitter users who carry the coveted blue checkmark next to their name.

Date discreetly and know who you’re matching with is interesting real.

In an era of catfishing and fake identities, authenticity is key, which is why we’re leveraging Twitter’s world-class verification system to make dating safer.

Most apps, like Tinder and Bumble, sadly don’t generally let you narrow your search by quick-wittedness or online influence.

But one app now hopes to help love blossom between verified Twitter users, aka those lucky folk talented – or famous – enough to have "an account of public interest".

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