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Manhattan federal Judge Jesse Furman sided in favor of advocacy groups who had sued the city in 2001 alleging its disaster plan discriminates against those with disabilities.

Furman in his 119-page opinion praised the Bloomberg administration for doing an “outstanding” job preparing for emergencies but said the city still has a sketchy record accommodating the handicapped and found it’s in violation of the Americans with Disability Act.

“But now I actually meet guys a lot of the time online.” Talking to guys on the internet, he said, is easy, because it allows you to build up a persona and chat comfortably without any pressure. But there is something that always makes him a little nervous before every first date. “I was born with cerebral palsy and I’m HIV-positive,” he said.

“It isn’t easy being a gay man with a disability in New York City.” That’s because Fred believes he isn’t what most people consider to be the stereotypical gay male.

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“They fail to provide sufficiently accessible shelters; and they do not sufficiently inform people with disabilities of the availability and location of accessible emergency services.” Among his findings in favor of the Brooklyn Center for Independence of the Disabled and other plaintiffs were that the city lacks adequate transportation to help disabled person evacuate, especially those living in high rises, and that many evacuation centers citywide are inaccessible to people in wheelchairs. Brown, a lawyer for the plaintiffs, hailed the decision.His eyes squint when he laughs, an infectious sound that echoes through the living room of his modest apartment in Jamaica, Queens.Settling back into his sofa, he rested a leg on the seat, ready to open up about his upcoming date.He was excited – the two met on an online dating site.After speaking on the phone for about a week, they agreed to their first face-to-face meeting over the weekend. I’ve met guys talking on the phone,” said Fred, who’s a proud Puerto Rican-Italian.

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