Hermafrodit photos

"If it does, she must have surgery or receive hormone therapy prescribed by an expert IAAF medical panel and submit to regular monitoring," explains Findlay.

Even though Semenya was cleared for competition after undergoing testing, when Semenya won the championship in 2009, critics claimed her masculine build gave her an unfair advantage. Back in 2009,'s Ariel Levy called Semenya "breathtakingly butch" in a profile of the runner.Cody was found to have the organs of both a male and a female dog.Executive director Kristina Rinaldi said they were looking for a very special person to adopt the dog, who was sick with malnutrition and heart-worm when found."We wanted him to go to someone who understood him," Rinaldi said."Her torso is like the chest plate on a suit of armor.She has a strong jawline, and a build that slides straight from her ribs to her hips," Levy wrote, which the photo to the right confirms.

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