Updating rubygems nothing to update

Error: Execution of '/usr/bin/gem install --source reaper' returned 1: ERROR: While executing gem ...

(Name Error) uninitialized constant Gem:: Remote Fetcher:: Open SSL Error: /Package[reaper]/ensure: change from absent to present failed: Execution of '/usr/bin/gem install --source reaper' returned 1: ERROR: While executing gem ...

This looks suspiciously like any other resource in Chef, but notice that we assign the resource to a variable, 'r', and the action is :nothing.

This allows us to use the Chef:: Resource#run_action method to trigger the installation.

This will pull the images if they do not exist locally and run the bash script above.

When a package is installed from a local file, it must be added to the node using the remote_file or cookbook_file resources.In this section we will assume that you installed to the default prefix directory.If you specified a different prefix, simply substitute /opt/nginx with the actual directory.---------- Nginx processes ---------- PID PPID VMSize Private Name ------------------------------------- 12443 4814 60.8 MB 0.2 MB nginx: master process /usr/sbin/nginx 12538 12443 64.9 MB 5.0 MB nginx: worker process ### Processes: 3 ### Total private dirty RSS: 5.56 MB ----- Passenger processes ------ PID VMSize Private Name -------------------------------- 12517 83.2 MB 0.6 MB Passenger Agent watchdog 12520 266.0 MB 3.4 MB Passenger Agent server 12531 149.5 MB 1.4 MB Passenger Agent logger ...If you do not see any Nginx processes or Passenger processes, then you probably have some kind of installation problem or configuration problem. As explained earlier in the introductory notes, you can't use an init script like .

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