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The Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML) is a standard XML format for defining a chat bot's responses. E." ("Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity"). Free AIML sets in several languages have been developed and made available by the user community.The XML dialect called AIML was developed by Richard Wallace and a worldwide free software community between 19. There are AIML interpreters available in Java, Ruby, Python, C , C#, Pascal, and other languages.The questions are ones about facts of time Cleverbot, with its 50 million memorized chat lines from users, is a great bot at short sentence free-form topic-less conversation.Last year's qualifier questions were the most suited to it ever, yet Cleverbot didn't qualify, so it couldn't compete in the main rounds.Bot Libre supports all of the AIML 1.0.1 tags and a few common extensions.AIML defines how a bot should respond to a question using elements.The annual Loebner Competition coming up in November instantiates the Turing test; four qualifying chatbots battle to be judged “most human” even if they cannot fool a human judge.

AIML 1.0 was released in 2001, and the current 1.0.1 release was released in 2011. AIML is supported by many different chat bot programs and hosting services."Cricket is what was happening on Twitter, and a historic #CT17 saw the record for the most Tweeted one day international of all time being broken by the India vs Pakistan final with 1.8 million Tweets from fans globally.With ICC launching the first ever Direct Message chatbot for sports on Twitter; engaging fans with video replies from captains and commentators; and Tweeting match videos through a Twitter Amplify partnership, it was a personalized and video rich experience for fans on Twitter," said Aneesh Madani, Head of Sports Partnerships, Asia Pacific, Twitter.While our competition enters bots crafted over many years, due to circumstances we ended up creating a new chatbot most years.Two of those years we won the Loebner's, first with Suzette, then with Rosette.

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